Followed (The Crossings of Poros)

Ever since trapping my first Hill Troll in a Forest Snare while playing Journey Down the Anduin, I've had a soft spot in my deck building preferences for traps. I was thrilled to see Entangling Nets come out as somewhat recent support for the archetype, and I was excited about another trap card here. Does … Continue reading Followed (The Crossings of Poros)


Magic Ring (The Crossings of Poros)

When Magic Ring was first spoiled, I remember the flurry of conversation in the community about "49 card decks" going forward and the versatility that the card brought to the table. Several months out from its actual release, now, it seems the excitement has quieted down a bit, and I honestly can't say I've seen … Continue reading Magic Ring (The Crossings of Poros)